Problems to Address after Palm Tree Removal

While palm trees are attractive at any location, it can be a potential nuisance when it starts to wither down. When that happens, calling your local palm tree removal firm is inevitable. However, once you have your tree removed, you need to be ready for another set of problems that you need to solve.


Wood Disposal


Often, the palm tree removal firm will have the palm tree removed and taken away for your convenience. However, some firms do not. After they have your tree removed, they leave without taking the massive chunk of the tree with them, so you end up with a dead palm tree lying in your yard. If you are in this predicament, the best thing you can do is to dry out your palm tree and cut it into smaller wood pieces. That way you can throw it without having to carry the entire tree outside and wait for the garbage collector to get it. If you’re thinking about having them as firewood, you’d be dismayed to know that palm wood makes inferior kindling as it produces little heat even if it’s already dried to a crisp.



Stump Removal


Almost every homeowner who decides to have their tree removed faces this problem. That is why you should be careful when choosing your palm tree removal company. Some do not offer an immediate stump removal service, which leaves you with a tree stump bulging in your yard. Unless you have a stump grinder, removing your palm trump can be a problem. Since palms trees fall under the monocot variety, their roots tend to form a nest of thick, fleshy growth that creates a footlong root ball.


Digging around this root ball can be tiresome as it requires strength. Also, it also produces a messy area filled with slimy roots. So if you don’t have a stump grinder, or have no idea how to remove your stump in the first place, you should make sure that your palm tree felling firm also offers stump removal services.



Disease Vector


Finally, a reason why landfills shy away from accepting palm woods is that these type of trees are susceptible to a vast number of pathogens existing in the soil.


These pathogens include the following:

  • Ganoderma butt rot
  • Phytophthora palmivora
  • nicotianae.


The area of where your dead palm used to be should have a fungicide treatment to eliminate any disease-causing vectors that might harm you or your family members. Doing so will ensure that there will be no spread of diseases and infect other plants in your yard.


Be Responsible & Aware Of the Implications of Palm Tree Removal


Having your tree removed is one thing; facing the problems that come after the job is done is another. Palm tree removal is a long and tedious process, and it doesn’t stop after felling your tree. If you’re in need of some help after your tree has been removed, make sure you contact your local palm tree removal – company and ask for some additional assistance.