What to Know About Safety When Removing a Palm Tree

When it comes to removing a palm tree, this is a painful moment for the palm tree owner as removing a palm tree is the last thing anyone would want. Palm trees are handy in any landscape for their beauty and ability to add value to the property. However, when it comes to removing the palm tree, there are several things you need to know regarding your safety and also the well-being of your property and other surroundings like the power lines.

When removing a palm tree, the first you need to do is to assess the length of the tree. How tall is the tree? Can it cause damage when it falls in either direction? Is there a direction that the tree can fall and cause minimal or no destruction? Is it easy to make the tree fall in that directions? At this stage, you will be looking at the probability of tree to cause damage when it lands. If the tree is nearby structures that might be destroyed if the tree falls in either direction, then you need to think of a way to remove the tree without causing damages. In this case, your only option is to cut the tree from the top which should be done by professionals.

Also when it comes to safety, you need to consider the proximity of power lines and other utilities like water pipes before you can remove the palm tree. If the tree is near the power lines and there is the probability that the tree will fall on the cables, then you need to alert the power company and have the power switched off at the time of removal or let the offer you the best solution to ensure your safety. Also, if the tree might fall on your plumbing system, you can consider working on that first before cutting the tree.

Finally, regarding your safety, you should ensure that you are armed with the right gear and tools before you can start removing your palm tree. Depending on the size, you will need different tools and equipment. Avail all these before the start of the project.

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