Crucial Things to Factor in When Shopping For Your New Baler

If you are in the market looking to purchase a baler, the good news is you have a couple of options to choose. However, picking the right one takes more than just one Google search or advice from a fellow animal farm owner. If you want to end up with the right product, go on and read the rest of this post.

round bale net wrap suppliersFirst, it is crucial that you figure out what bale size you want. Based on size, your options include a small square, large square, and a round bale. Identifying the size also means you will have a clear picture on whether you intend to go for a square or round baler. However, you do have to acknowledge that a round baler requires more tractor power, but it also is the best option if you have limited manual labour.

If time is of the essence, there are new balers that allow increased capacity, which in turn enables you to bale faster. It is a critical thing to consider if you are looking at a big-time hay baling operation. Now when you go out there and search for round bale net wrap suppliers, do not forget to ask about the level of convenience with regards to running a baler behind your tractor as well as how comfortable you expect to handle a bale.

Perhaps the most common question animal farm owners ask when shopping for a new baler is whether to choose the traditional twine or net wrap. Well, one thing you must factor in figuring this out is the storage. For instance, if you contemplate storing the bales outside, you will choose a net wrap. While twine is useful when you plan to use indoor storage, you cannot say the same when it comes to leaving the bales outdoors. Probably a more practical option for twine is the one made from plastic material.

Nevertheless, there is no denying that net wrap is becoming the obvious choice for farm owners since it is about 30% more productive compared to twine. However, if you talk to round bale net wrap suppliers out there, they will remind you that it will only work most efficiently on a well-drained surface.

The next question you must ask is when to purchase a baler. The truth is there is no exact time to buy one. However, if you are looking to get new equipment, you should think about shopping for a new baler when you notice that there is a low farm income.

Finally, the type of baler you plan on purchasing depends on what you are baling. Be reminded that straw, hay, and silage come with varying densities and moisture levels. For instance, if you are baling silage, it makes sense to choose a fixed chamber round bale because wet silage could cause belts to slip.